Founded in 2010 with the intention of providing an outlet for cannabis connoisseurs to purchase legal marijuana in a discreet environment, L’Eagle dispensary sets the standard for caring about their product. John Andrle, founder of L’Eagle, is as passionate about this plant as anyone in Colorado. “I love marijuana, and I’ve always been very particular about it. I feel the same way about fine foods and wine. Why not offer the very best?” said John. This belief applied at L’Eagle means that all of their products are 100% clean cannabis: pesticide-free, long-cured and tested in-house to ensure consistency and potency. L’Eagle goes way beyond the state’s testing requirements and conducts its own testing of each strain. This focus on quality and purity extends past just their cannabis flower.
These tenets are also tied to edibles, infusions, and concentrates. “When you do extractions, you’re concentrating pesticides and residual nutrients. The extractions that are coming out of heavy pesticide-using grows are not safe and no one has determined the side effects!” John exclaimed. “We have our edibles made with our own product, because we want that clean, pesticide-free quality that we work so hard for to carry through to all of our products,” added Amy Andrle – John’s wife and business partner. “Why not have the same expectation of cannabis that you would for food? GMOs and pesticides are avoided at all cost by many consumers, we believe in applying the same filter to cannabis products.”