Our clean and healthy product philosophy is exhibited in our edibles as well.  Many edibles at L’Eagle are made from only our own trim, making them the only edibles in Colorado that are guaranteed to be free of residual pesticides and contaminants.  We also feature butter-extracted edibles, where there are zero chemicals involved in the extracting or edible making process.  Check out our In Stock Now page for what we currently have available.

Canyon Cultivation

Canyon Cultivation was one of the first manufacturers in the Colorado market to use all-natural and – when possible – USDA-certified organic ingredients. Their products are also free of synthetic ingredients and do not contain butane or propane.

The Suck-Its

10 x 10 mg pieces of THC-infused hard candies. 100 mg THC total in package.
Flavors Available: Strawberry, L’Orange, Citrus Medley, Grapefruit, Sour Lemon, Sour Watermelon, Sour Apple, Sour Boysenberry

The Drops

100 mg THC sublingual drops. 1.3 mg per drop.
Great in tea or coffee! CBD/THC 1:1 ratio available too!
Flavors Available: Cinnamint, Vanilla Mint, Tangerine Dream

The Lick-Its

10mg THC single-serving sucker.
Flavors Available: Strawberry Lemonade & Boysenberry

                The Coffee

296mg bottle of iced coffee. 10mg THC.
Made with our Flo (hybrid) strain.

          Keef Cola

12oz (355ml) bottles of infused sodas. 10mg THC.
Flavors available: Bubba Kush Root Beer, Purple Passion, Blue Razz, Menert Mule Ginger Ale, Keef Cola & Orange Kush.

Looking for a drink with a little more kick? Boost offers a mix of vitamin B with 80mg of THC in each 4oz bottle. 1/2 oz dose size.  Available in Purple Passion (indica), Orange Kush (hybrid) and Blue Dream (hybrid). Guaranteed to get you feeling right!

          Love’s Oven

Love’s Oven is a local cannabis bakery that uses high-quality, all-natural ingredients whenever possible. All Love’s Oven products contain 10 pieces of 10 mg “bites”.
The entire package contains 100 mg THC.

Flavors Available:

Turtle Brownies (OG Skunk – Sativa/Hybrid)
Baklava Bites (L’Eagle Eagle – Sativa)
S’Mores Brownies (Kandy Kush – Hybrid OR Death Star  – Indica)
Peanut Butter Brownies (Death Star – Indica)
Red Velvet Cookies (Blue Dream  – Sativa/Hybrid)
High CBD Honey Caramels (Cannatonic – Hybrid)
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Hell’s Angel OG – Indica)

Highly Edible

Highly Edible makes gummy edibles out of organic ingredients, which are all vegan and gluten-free.

The Pucks

10 x 10mg THC each
Flavors Available: Watermelon, Cherry, Golden Strawberry, Peach, Assorted Sour, Assorted Sweet

Blue Kudu

Individual chocolate bars. 100mg THC divided into 10mg servings.
Flavors Available: Chili Cinnamon Lime, Peanut Butter, Mint, Cherry Almond, Coffee Chocolate and Cookies & Cream

          Stillwater CBD/THC Microdose Tea & Ripple

BRAND-NEW from our friends at Stillwater! These are perfect options for microdosing CBD and THC. The “Tea” comes in 8 packets with 2.5mg of CDB and THC in each packet (20mg total). Mellow Mint is the caffeine-free flavor, while Gentle Green and Blissful Black offer caffeine to get you going. The “Ripple” is a flavorless zero-calorie enhancer that can be added to any drink or sprinkled on food. Ripple comes in 10 packets with 5mg of CBD and THC in each OR an option with just 10mg of THC (50mg total).