At L’Eagle we sell a wide variety of top-quality concentrates – focused on purity and potency – all made with our own 100% organic flowers…


We are one of the rare shops to carry rosin! This solventless process of separating the oil from the plant matter is the “cream of the crop” because we heat press our own natural pesticide-free, long-cured kief of our own flowers. Testing as high as 89% THC!

Full-Melt Water Hash:

At L’Eagle we make our own bubble hash out of only purified water and purified ice. We sell a wide variety of blends and strain-specific batches. For current inventory check our In Stock Now page.

110 Micron Extraction

The 110 is able to collect resin glands with minimal debris. Dependent on the material run, the glands that are collect are typically the largest of resin glands. These glands are called capitate­-stalked, and are the most abundant in cannabinoids. This results in the 110 micron being the purest and highest testing hash.

73 Micron Extraction

The 73 bag collects capitate-­sessile glands and these glands are typically the most numerous. The resulting product has a higher yield than the 110 bag, but will typically test with a lower cannabinoid profile. Since this bag will pull the greatest percentage of the glands it will provide the best expression of the taste and flavor of the material being processed.

Check out what Westword had to say about our Hashish: “This is full-melt, clear-dome icewater hash the way it should be. He also pointed out that it’s the same quality as other “solventless” products without the pilled-up chunks achieved through micro-planing or pushing hash through a colander. I thought it resembled a wedge of cheese-like BHO, but without the chemically wax smell. It burned amazingly in a bowl, forming large bubbles of oil and hash as it cooked down, and also melted well on a hot titanium nail, making it the first dab-able hash I’ve found at dispensaries in months.” Read the entire review here.

BHO Concentrates:

Our BHO concentrates are made by processing only L’Eagle trim, keeping to our pesticide-free philosophy. We carry a few different lines of waxes and shatters. Whether you’re dabbing, vaping or just sprinkling on a bowl, this is a great way to enjoy high-potency THC. This product is most effective when used with a dab rig, however it can also be used with a vape pen. For vape pen users make sure the attachment you are using is designed for solid concentrates (typically ceramic heating or coil elements).

Harmony Extracts:

Our premium line of concentrates available in some of our most popular strains. Made with our 100% organic L’Eagle flowers, these strain-specific waxes and shatters are also some of the most potent that we carry.

Love’s Oven:

From the makers of our baked goods edibles, a line of concentrates made with L’Eagle’s own flower. You can count on them being free of synthetic pesticides and some of the tastiest shatters we offer.

Rocky Mountain Remedies:

RMR’s waxes and shatters are strain-specific. These concentrates contain no butane, as they go through a winterization process (an alcohol wash) that removes unwanted substances.


Craft produces waxes and shatters that are blends of L’Eagle’s 100% organic flowers. There is low to no residual propane or butane. Available in sativa, hybrid or indica.

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Ascend Distillates:

JUST ARRIVED, we have our new full-spectrum distillates! Ascend’s AWARD-WINNING (Best Distillate – 2017 Sensi Cup) product. L’Eagle is one of the rare stores where you will find extremely pure distillates. Made with our own 100% organic house-grown flowers, terpenes are added back in after the distillation process. The result is a fuller cannabinoid profile, which gives you a unique physical feel compared with only THC.


These 500mg cartridges are ideal for vaping. The “Activate” cartridge is made with our L’Eagle Eagle (sativa, 79% active cannabinoids), “Relax” has our Death Star (indica, 75%) and “Bliss” is Durban Poison (landrace sativa, 78%). For a High CBD option, “Relieve” is a blend of our Brain OG with CBD terpenes (indica-hybrid, 81%). Includes CBG, CBN, CBC and THCV. **FREE VAPE PEN with the purchase of any two cartridges**


These 1000mg droppers are perfect for dabbing but are also activated for oral consumption. Death Star (indica) has 81.91% active cannabinoids, L’Eagle Eagle (sativa) has 81.75%, Brain OG (indica, 78%) and Durban Poison (landrace sativa, 78%). All include CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and THCV.

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Keef Cola CO2 Oils:

Our CO2 oils are manufactured by Keef Cola and are made by processing only L’Eagle trim, featuring our 100% organic house-grown flowers. There are multiple sativa and indica options and also a high-CBD strain available. Call 303-825-0497 or check our In Stock Now section for availability!


These 500mg cartridges are for vaping and contain no filler material (example: propylene glycol) that you may find at other dispensaries. Ideal for a clean way to enjoy your favorite strains in a convenient way! **FREE VAPE PEN with the purchase of any two cartridges**


These 1000mg syringes are for dabbing and contain no filler material (example: propylene glycol). Best value for your money!

House Kief:

Fresh on the shelves, these trichomes from our 100% organic flowers – available in multiple strains – are gathered through a dry-sift extraction. This kief tests out between 32-43% THC (depending on the strain)!

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