At L’Eagle, we pride ourselves on offering discerning clientele top-quality natural cannabis products. Our sales associates are well educated on the benefits of the cannabis flower and offer an unparalleled customer service that caters to our guest’s individual preferences. L’Eagle combines comprehensive therapeutic knowledge, scientific acumen and exceptional industry compliance.


Clean & Pesticide-Free

L’Eagle organically cultivates 100% of the cannabis we sell. Our growers are experienced farmers and most hold degrees in the agricultural sciences. Using natural nutrients and the highest standards in cultivation practices, we’re able to ensure that L’Eagle’s cannabis is pure and free of toxic pesticides.



L’Eagle takes the time for proper cannabis drying and air-curing. The long-curing process is a lost art where the cannabis flower is able to dry completely, dissipating all of the residual plant matter and allowing for a slow oxidation. This timely investment give all of L’Eagle’s marijuana a smoothness and sublime flavor that is unmatched in the industry.

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